Vinsanto Colle di Rocco

Description: The Vinsanto  is a wine made from old vines of white grapes in our property (older than 50 years), such as Trebbiano, Lazio and Tuscan  and Grechetto. After 3 months of drying on  frames the grapes are pressed and the must is left to slowly ferment  at a constant temperature (15 °); The aging is processed in oak and chestnut  barrels for at least five years.
Variety: Malvasia (40%), Trebbiano (40%), Grechetto (10%), other White grapes (10%)
Altitude: 320 metri a.s.l.
Exposure: North-East
Plant Density: 3.500/4.000 plants /Ha
Type of cultivation: cordone speronato
Grape Yield: 60 /Ha
Harvest: mid-end september
Type of harvest: by hand
Drying: the grapes are left to dry on frames for  2-3 months at controlled temperature (15°)
Wine Yeild: 40% (every 100 kgs of grapes produces  40 litres of Vin Santo)
Fermentation: in vat for 20 days at controlled temperature
Aging: in iron vats for  4 months
Percentage Alcohol: 15.5%
Tasting: Wine yellow-red hues; The taste is sweet, rightly oxidized, well-balanced acidity, with complex flavors of figs and nuts. The after-taste is powerful and persistent.