Passito Bianco

Passito Bianco (Sweet Wine)

Umbria Bianco Passito I.G.T.

Description: The White Passito we produce, is a wine made from the ancient vineyards white grapes, such as Trebbiano, Lazio and Tuscan Malvasia  and Grechetto.

After 3 months of drying on frames, the grapes are pressed and the must is fermented at a constant temperature (15 °).  Aging is processed in  steel vats in order to preserve the fruity scent. The resulting sweet wine is extraordinarily rich in aromas and flavors.

Variety: Malvasia (60%), Trebbiano (20%), Grechetto (10%), other white grapes  (10%)
Altitude: 320 meters asl
Exposure: North-East
Plant Density: 3.500/4.000 plants /Ha
Type of coltivation: cordone speronato
Grape Yeild: 60 /Ha
Harvest: mid-end september
Method of harvesting: by hand
Grape drying: The grapes, placed on frames are dried for 2-3 months at a constant temperature (15°)
Wine Yeild: 30% (about 30 litres of sweet wine for 100 kg of grapes
Fermentation: in vats for 20 days at controlled temperature
Aging: in steal for 4 months
Percent alcohol: 15.5%
Tasting: Amber colour wine with golden hues that tend to copper during aging; the palate is sweet but not cloying, well balanced by acidity, with flavors of dried fruit, figs, and almonds. The aftertaste is powerful and persistent: it can be drunk cold (8 °) or at room temperature (20 °)
Serving suggestions: cheese, liver pate, roast meat, pastries, puddings, ice cream, nougat, pandoro, dried fruit, etc.).